Start accepting appointments on the Internet.

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Easy appointment management for companies

You have an overview of appointments for the specified day as a schedule or as a table for a selected day. Or a list of all appointments made for the two weeks ahead.


Easy appointment making for clients

No registration is necessary, just select a suitable time slot from the suggestions or from the calendar and enter your details. The browser will remember information you entered, so you never need to type your name twice.

Lower barriers for clients means more successful appointments.


Easy integration on your web-site

With the help of the provided piece of HTML code you can invite visitors of your website to create appointments with Appointment@ instead of a phone call. This works even at night, when your office is closed.

Advanced widget allows you to embed Appointment@ directly inside your website.

If you don't have a website yet, you can use your company page on Appointment@ as your website. You can also enter some custom description of your company and register your own sub-domain like

Easy export of the appointments using XML/AJAX/CSV.
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For Companies

Throughout the course of running your business you must have across the question of whether you are efficiently managing your workload and client matters – thus being aware of the often neglected importance of appointments then. Needless to say, your success is built on the people you meet and give the opportunity to make use of your services.

A modern responsive tool for managing your appointments.
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