Use Appointment@ at your company.

This is our proposal: you can use Appointment@ as your company's main appointment system. You can use it for free. After filling-in this simple form you will be able to create a company, assign your services (it can be doctors in your practice, masseurs at spa salon, car repair technicians or your housecall driving plumbers). You will start receiving more customers, by helping them make appointments easier and faster. Link to your specific URL at your site to transform your visitors to customers. Additionally our visitors will be able to find your company in our directory.

You will still be able to accept appointments over the phone. You would only need to enter the details in Appointment@. You will have an overview of your services and their appointments on every day, be able to quickly search for a specific appointment, print appointment confirmations and much more. Give it a try.

The process is as follows:

  1. Create yourself a user / Login to the site (on top-right).
    Login to continue

    Register and login with the links below. We don't want to know your password.

    I don't use these services, give me traditional account.
  2. Create the company.
    Login first
  3. Manage your services and optionally implement the link to Appointment@ on your site and printed advertisement materials and start receiving appointments.
    Register a company first

Note: You don't need to create an account for yourself if you don't own the company and just want to make an appointment with some company.

Paid Services

For those who need even more features we offer a paid service (25 EUR / calendar month via PayPal (credit cards) or wire transfer). You'll get the following benefits: * Unlimited amount of services (otherwise just one) * Unlimited amount of users (otherwise just one) * Priority e-mail support and development of requested new features * Permanent storage of your past appointments

To use the benefits, register a free account (on the left) and use the "Pay" option in your company information page.